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This gallery style home offers more than just an abundance of light and architectural flare, it also delivers the flexibility and function a family home demands. With a formal lounge to the front of the home you will instantly feel at home. Further down the passage you will be greeted by a large Study which allows the homeowner plenty of room to work from home or alternative, turn the space into a Rumpus or Guest bedroom.

The rear of the home opens up with an oversized gallery style kitchen facing the dining and side elevation of the home allowing for a focus on feature landscaping, or pool to the side elevation of the home. A centrally positioned Activity at the top of the staircase clearly delineates the bedrooms from the grand master bedroom across the rear of the home. With carefully placed windows throughout the home, light will be streaming in throughout the day proving an uplifting and tranquil feeling for everyone to enjoy.

Floor plan for Verona
Hamptons ElevationHamptons Elevation
 Classic Elevation Classic Elevation
CRVER5 ElevationCRVER5 Elevation
CRVER4 ElevationCRVER4 Elevation
CRVER4 Contempo ElevationCRVER4 Contempo Elevation
 CRVER3 Elevation CRVER3 Elevation
CRVER2 ElevationCRVER2 Elevation
CRVER1 ElevationCRVER1 Elevation

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