Inspiring new designs enter the Urbano Series range

New year, exciting new designs. With the release of our updated and refreshed central entry double storey designs, 2021 marks yet another milestone for our Urbano Series range.

“Our Urban Series was especially created to provide our discerning clients with a range of accessible contemporary designed homes that benefit from a level of exclusivity,” says Joseph Allia, Founder and Director of City Residence 

Our central entry double storey homes have all been treated to a complete update, with refreshed floorplans and new additions to the central range.

All the central entry facades have also been redesigned, with two brand new additions offering clients even more options. Joining our four modern facades is our new ‘barn’ inspired C3 facade with clean angular lines and contrasting materials providing a striking contemporary edge; and our C4 facade which takes on a more urban aesthetic.

With the release of the brand new Salina and Domus design, all homes within the central entry range have been updated to reflect the most sought after modifications and latest living trends.

Our homes are designed from a distinctively different perspective which captures the desire to create a seamless connection between indoor/outdoor living. Uniquely shaped to reflect the modern Australian lifestyle, we create spaces that make the most of natural light and are a joy for the whole family to live in. The new release of our Expressions Series homes enhances these design ideologies even more whilst incorporating the distinct architectural edge we are known for.

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